A stitch in time saves nine

Hi folks.

Never thought I would ever find the need and time to use proverbs which we learnt back in school, but here we are. It perfectly sums up the idiocy I proudly wore on my sleeve for quite some time (months, may I add).

I fell sick in September with probably the worst viral infection that time in the city. It was so bad that my mom had to fly all the way to take care of me. She nursed me back to health and I resumed my college life.

Except that I didn’t realise my immunity went for a toss. And I am blessed with a lean body, so adding on to my laziness, I took my body for granted. Never exercised, went for walks, jogging or anything at all. Now when one can’t control these things, you’d assume that a person would take care of his/ her diet, isn’t it?

Well, meet me. I am that idiot who never worshipped my body or my health. So what happens when you take something for granted? You are taught a lesson.

So 3 months later, the symptoms started showing one by one. First, the hair loss. I would have thought the symptoms would show gradually and not just blow my mind. But I guess I was wrong. My hair loss was so bad that I almost developed a bald patch on my scalp.

I should have realised my mistake by now. I may have, too. But, I was never good at juggling two things together. While I focused on improving my GPA, I completely  sidetracked my health. I would keep postponing my visit to the doctor.

Meanwhile my body kept trying to warn me in different ways that I need help. My skin became dry, my pores became wide and the pollution in my city did little to help, as it alleviated the situation and I became prone to blackheads, whiteheads, acne and pimples.

I’ve always had clear skin. So when my face was becoming dull day by day, I started worrying. But that’s all I did. Worry. Not visit a doctor because I was occupied with college work. But when it began affecting my studies, that’s when the gravity of this situation hit me. I needed to visit a doctor. But I was so busy amidst tests, projects and presentations that I couldn’t go.

But after enduring constant stomach pains, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), dizziness, breathlessness, PMS-like moods everyday, blackouts, and much more, I decided it’s time. I went to a doctor, ran multiple tests. And had I delayed going to a doctor by a day or two, I would have faced the consequences, much severe in nature than they already were – borderline megaloblastic anaemia (low blood count), vitamin deficiencies (they were nearly close to zero), thyroid abnormalities, rapid weight loss, and what not.

Now it’s been almost a month, since I recovered. But some damage is already done. My skin is never going to be flawless like it was. I have acidity issues. Probably, with a steady healthy diet, this will go away. But its a long road. And I have learnt my lesson. This was the last time I took my health and body for granted.

Better late than never.


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